Designing the ECtHR Project

This study is about the meaning and place of supranational human rights institutions in the world of contemporary nation-states. It studies the European Human Rights System as a case of human rights supranationalism.
To read more on the design of the project, click here.

Research Methods and Case Selection

In line with the overall methodological approach, this study engages in qualitative, cross-sectional and comparative country analysis to examine what conceptually distinct domain is occupied by the supranational human rights model in Europe and whether there exits variations and similarities when contexts change. The research targets politicians, apex court judges and human rights lawyers in five countries: United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria and Ireland. Further research in Strasbourg, the home of the European human rights system, with government representatives, lawyers and judges, support the country analyses.
To read more on research methods and case selection, click here.

Ethical Considerations

The research seeks prior and informed consent from all interviewees for attribution of data.
To read more on ethical considerations, click here.


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