Workshop on the Enforcement of Judgments

Katarina, Basak, and Nicola at St. Mark's Church

Basak and Nicola attended a workshop on the Enforcement of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, held in Jezercica, Croatia, between 28-29 October 2010.  The event was organised by the Centre for Peace Studies, an organisation promoting non-violence and social change, linking it to education, research and activism.  The idea was to bring together NGOs and lawyers from across Croatia to learn about the enforcement of judgments and how they might collaborate to link strategic litigation with following up to ensure the judgment is implemented by the State.

Basak spoke about the role of lawyers and NGOs in the implementation process.   The workshop also included practical exercises on identifying implementation measures within the Court’s judgments, and a session on procedural matters and how NGOs and lawyers can in fact engage in the implementation process, led by Katarina Nedeljkovic of the Department for the Execution of Judgments at the Council of Europe.


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