New Staff Join the European Court of Human Rights Project

We are pleased to welcome two new research assistants to the team! Anne Koch and Nicola Bruch have joined the project. 

Anne Koch

Anne started working as a research assistant for the European Court of Human Rights Project in May 2010. Tasked with analyzing the interview data that has been gathered during the earlier stages of the research project, her work focuses on reasons underlying compliance with supranational human rights judgments, and on the challenges that obstruct their implementation. She also studies the basis of the perceived legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights among decision-makers across the Council of Europe member states.

Alongside her work, Anne is pursuing a part-time PhD in Political Science at the Free University of Berlin. She previously worked at the Geneva-based headquarters of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, and at Capacity Building International in Berlin. Her research interests include migration policy, transitional justice, constructivism in International Relations, and theories of global justice.

Nicola Bruch

Nicola joined the project in August 2010, having previously worked for the New Zealand Ministry of Justice, and Anti-Slavery International.   She will undertake some analysis of interview data, and carry out research on State’s compliance with judgments of the European Court of Human Rights.   Her role also focuses on communicating the findings of the research to non-academic users (for example, to NGOs).   Nicola obtained her law degree in 2000, and her M.A. in Human Rights in 2006, both at UCL.  She previously worked for the Public Law section of New Zealand’s Ministry of Justice, providing policy and legal analysis on issues including human rights, access to justice, and regulating the legal profession.


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