Ethical Considerations

The data collection overall will amount to 100-120 in depth interviews with judges, lawyers and politicians in five different countries and in Strasbourg, where the European Court of Human Rights is located. The research project seeks prior and informed consent from all interviewees. Given that most of the judges demand their interview data to be non-attributable, the interviewees will not be identified in the final data analysis. In order to ensure transparency of the data collection process, whilst maintaining confidentiality, two lists of interviewees will be produced in the index. List one indentifies the names of all the people interviewed, or their official function if the name has to be withheld for reasons of confidentiality, for example, Law Lord, Constitutional Court Judge, or Mr/Ms xxx, Barrister. A separate list will then provide information about each interview, e.g. date, length of interview, and so forth and will also assign each interview with an identification number. This list will be in a different order from the first to ensure that the reader cannot find out which interview number corresponds to which person. In the text we shall then only refer to interviews by number, not by name of interviewee, ensuring that confidentiality is preserved.


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